Build African cities and society in an African way

Planning theory has focused more on the European and American context. Africa is much different from these countries, because of the history and experiences. We have followed Western models of developing our cities and society, even our democracy is meaningless, we are free yet our culture, heritage and architecture are becoming obsolete. Development projects fail because we follow prescribed linear models of doing things, society is left out and their views s are ignored.

In order to grow and develop in our unique African way; we need to create our own theories and models of planning and development. We need to relook and research how Africans survived and their leadership style. We cannot run away from this age of technology, but we can progress and innovate our old ways, teach our children the rich history of Africa and wire them to develop themselves and society with African values. Let us develop our continent and countries according to our own context and not follow ways that do not apply to us.

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